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Q: Will there be another Extreme Computing event this summer (2003)?

A: [NB - New answer for July 2005] Perhaps not in 2003, but the official followup to "Extreme Computing" has has the new name of Open Tech 2005 (and takes place in Hammersmith on Saturday 23rd July 2005) - please click the link for further details.

A: Probably not. There's a number of reasons for this - we were hanging on to see what happened with a (rumoured) big retro games event in Brighton, and an (even more rumoured) return of the Access All Areas computer security conference, but at time of writing (May 1st, 2003) neither have materialised yet. Consequently, we haven't made many plans of our own about having another event like last year's during the summer period.

That said, there's a chance we might get involved with a smaller event (like the Haddocks' Take It Outside) if we can get a few interesting speakers together, plus there's a fair chance we'll organise a larger Extreme Computing-style event towards the end of the year, probably in the run-up to Christmas.

The best place for the news on either of these will be NTK, which is a weekly email newsletter which you can subscribe to, and then angrily delete it if it wasn't what you'd hoped for.

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Rupert Goodwins, ZDNet UK
Wired News
Sandy "3D Ant Attack" White
The Register
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Dan's new "Stand" site
Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing
Guardian Onlineblog
Slashdot readers
Linux Magazine (PDF file)
Tom Coates,
Sashinka (via Plasticbag)
Martin Keegan
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Paul Mison
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Steven Ford

Other presentations:
William Shatner's "Rocket Man"
"Warez Dood": lyrics, quicktime mov
Etherpeg grab (during Dyson panel)

Email feedback:
"Quite how or why the Gary le Strange thing got concocted (never mind performed) is baffling..." - Spectrum panelist Paul Holmes

"A real funbox burnout" - exhibitor Saul Albert

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When:11am-7pm, Sunday 9th June 2002
Where: The Camden Centre, London (near Kings Cross station)
Entrance:£3.00 (sorry, no concessions)
NTK and Mute magazine present a gigantic village fete for the 21st century, an off-the-radar cyber jumble-sale, an all-day celebration of do-it-yourself technological unusualness.

From home-made robots to retro video games, from Jolt Cola to commemorative web-browser tea-towels - if it's outside the mainstream, you can come along and check it out and most likely buy a piece of it to take home.

NEW (June 5th): full speaker programme - Nigel "Chuckie Egg" Alderton, John "Meteor Storm" Hollis, Freeman "Dyson Sphere" Dyson, etc - now on talks page PLUS now all the exhibitors as well...

What to bring:

  • Plenty of cash - exhibitors might not accept credit cards on site
  • A carrier bag - the best one wins a prize
  • A supermarket loyalty card - if you want to swap
  • A pen - as at previous NTK events, you'll be encouraged to wear your domain (the bit after the @ in your email address) on a sticker, so people can try and guess who you are
  • Any interesting retro gadget - to be valued by our Antiques Geekshow (NTK stand, 12noon-3pm - probably best to stick with ones you can easily carry on your person, as there aren't any lockers or anything; it's not a swimming pool...)
  • Any (working) technology you'd like to sell - via our experimental "bring and buy" stall. Though, once again, please be (reasonably) sensible about what you bring (or buy, for that matter)
  • Featuring...

    AL Digital presents the Commodore 64 Underground · Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo · Black Ice magazine · Bookartbookshop · The British Go Association · Boom Selection · · The Campaign for Digital Rights · Circuit bending with John "Meteor Storm" Hollis · The Classic Amiga Preservation Society · · Copenhagen Free University · Cyber Geography Research · Cybernetic Culture Research Unit · Digital Tables · · Disinfotainment · DNScon · Dorkbot London · Electronic Frontier Foundation · The Friday Thing · George and Freeman Dyson · · Henry Raddick · Herd Of Sheep · I Will Do Anything... · · Indymedia · Inventory journal · Linux Install Day · Low-fi Locator · London 2600 · MA Rave XR · Media Art Projects · Nigel "Chuckie Egg" Alderton · Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie · NoiseMonkey · Pat Cadigan · Playstation2-Linux · The Redundant Technology Initiative · The Register · The Rockall Times · Rupert Goodwins · Sandy "3D Ant Attack" White · Shu Lea Chang · Sinclair Archeology · Spamradio · Space Hijackers · Strange Attractor · Stu's World Of Pocketeers · Tachyon TV · Thomson & Craighead · Tom Standage · TV Cream · TV Go Home · Twenteenth Century · Wearable computing · Z Lab

    NB: Final lineup may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control.