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Taking a stand

As well as a frankly astonishing range of speakers (of which more here), Extreme Computing also features a characteristically off-kilter selection of exhibitors, in many cases inviting you to purchase their wares at substantial savings.

In loosely alphabetical order, we can now reveal them to include:

- compilation of newsgroup-written cyberpunk short stories

Black Ice magazine
- Brighton's famed mid-'90s cyberzine at last reaches issue 4

- shop and information centre for artists' books and presses - "for the aesthetically and bibliographically curious".

Bricklane TV
- model for Reality TV based on real issues: culture, conflict, drugs, religion, art

The British Go Association
- ancient board game and origin of the word "Atari"

The Campaign for Digital Rights
- fighting draconian copy-protection measures and legislation in the UK
- CDs of original and remixed Commodore game themes

The Classic Amiga Preservation Society
- saving the likes of SWIV and Alien Breed 2 for future generations

The Commodore 64 Underground
- compilation of C64 demos, mostly showing in the bar
- London's local wireless networking whizzes

Copenhagen Free University
- domestic, mutating, autonomous institution asking what an aesthetics for life in the knowledge economy might be

Cybernetic Culture Research Unit
- international collective of hyperculture researchers producing "pulp theory/fiction hybrids"

Datacide & Wolverine
- thrashing theory zines

- countercultural zines and geegaws from the UK's foremost Kinder Egg collector

Digital Tables
- custom-made table-top MAME arcade machines

Dorkbot London
- artists and musicians dedicated to "doing strange things with electricity"

Electronic Frontier Foundation
- pioneering US pro-freedom organisation

Francis Upritchard
- artist, taxidermist, pizza chef and saviour of obsolete electronic devices

Gaia Live
- London-based dance music webcasters coming out of Brick Lane

I Will Do Anything to Get Girls into My Bedroom
- video distribution network for women
- spoof newspaper site hosting this year's "Comedy Zone"

- grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues - UK node

- artists' collective and producers of the Inventory journal. Also known to pursue human "Coagulum" and "Endless Sonic Mania"

Linux Install Day
- have Linux installed (or your questions answered) by experts from London Linux User Group

- net art project locator

London 2600
- local group for "computer security enthusiasts" of all kinds

- digital media MA group from Ravensbourne College

Media Arts Projects
- agency working on collaborations, research, and organisation of projects connected to media, art and technology

Music to Communicate
- bespoke music composers

Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie
- collaborating since 1995 using new technologies, video, installation, performance and broadcast media including webcasting

- official Sony port of Linux to the popular next-gen games console

The Redundant Technology Initiative
- pro-Linux PC recyclers from Sheffield

The Register
- irreverent tech news behemoth

Shu Lea Chang
- artist and filmmaker, creator of - among others - "IKU" and "Brandon"

Sinclair Archeology
- Sir Clive-endorsed guide to "every single Sinclair product ever"

Slackers Lounge
- a bunch of slackers

Space Hijackers
- no-holds-barred anarchists who have declared war on the capitalist design and control of public and private space

- text to speech heaven - "Serving up delicious helpings of spam each hour of every day to all who are hungry"

Strange Attractor
- monthly films and talks from the fringes of contemporary culture

Stu's World Of Pocketeers
- swap or buy mechanical handhelds with former Amiga Power videogame champ

Street Level Gallery
- Glaswegian exhibition and education space for photomedia

Thomson & Craighead
- commemorative web-browser tea-towels from the digital artist duo

- a roughly biannual magazine of cross-currents in culture

Wearable computing
- head-mounted wireless internet connectivity that fits in your pocket

Year Zero + friends
- documentary film makers and social researchers dissecting the cultural Gordian knot known as "Regeneration"

Z Lab
- videos and brochures from the BBC Micro-using artificial-life artist

Final programme may be subject to alteration blah blah blah blah blah.